A new virtual “at home” recital from Derek Burns

A message from the Maestro himself

“After a 2-year hiatus I’ve decided to resurrect my little YouTube channel; the aim really is to encourage myself to learn some new as well as challenging repertoire, therefore, I plan to upload on a more frequent basis going forward as I know there are a few people (95) who get some sort of enjoyment from my playing – very hard to believe I know!!

“Hope you enjoy my first upload on the new revamped page, ‘Mendelssohn’s 2nd Organ Sonata’ which I recorded using Hauptwerk and the wonderful Alessandria sample set by Piotr Grabowski a few days ago…….the editing took a while, at least it was great to learn the basics of Premiere Pro!!

“Anyway, if you enjoy my latest upload, I would be grateful if you could please hit that like button, share or even subscribe which will ensure you are always kept updated!!

“Also, if you have any requests for future content, I’m more than happy to oblige…….I’ll play anything really (within my abilities!) – the organ can literally make anything sound amazing!!

Take Care

Published by lsowebmaster

About us Founded in 1962 we’ve been serving Lanarkshire’s Church Musicians for almost 50 years. We exist to promote organ and church music – whatever form that may take! Our membership is small with only 20 or so members, but we represent a wide spectrum of ages and interests. Our aim is to encourage those with an interest in Church music and music in general – especially the young, promote music activities in relation to the organ and build a social network of organists in Lanarkshire, to adapt to the changing needs of organists and musicians and church music in general.

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