Paisley abbey recital

Afternoon recital given by Margo Smith (violin and viola), Priscilla Routley (cello), George McPhee (organ) and the Abbey choristers, Sunday 4 May at 4.00pm.

An interesting and varied programme of music covering a span of 350 years has been put together for Sunday afternoon’s recital. With compositions from the 17th century’s Handel and Bach, to Faure and Reger of the 20th century, there is something to appeal to every taste

The programme includes………

Sonata in D Op.1 no 13 (violin, cello and continuo) G F Handel

Messe Basse (choristers)
G Faure

Lied ohne Worte Op. 33 no 1 (violin, cello and organ) W Rudnick

Meditazione (viola, cello and piano) R Drigo

Tickets costing £10 can be purchased at the door.

Published by Alan Mathew

Church Musician, Organist, Choir Leader

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