Cadzow Parish Church, Hamilton

The Organ of Cadzow Parish Church

  • 2-manual and pedal by Forster and Andrew, 1892
  • Rebuilt by Hilsdon, 1927
  • Cleaned and overhauld by MacDonald, 1985 (with limited tonal changes)
  • Rebuilt by John Lightbown & Sons in 2000; action electrified; addition of direct electric unit chest with reeds playable on Great at 8’ and 4’ pitch and on Pedal at 16’, 8’ and 4’ pitch



Open Diapason 8

Lieblich Bourdon 16

Clarabella 8

Open Diapason 8

Dulciana 8

Lieblich Gedact 8

Principal 4

Salicional 8

Harmonic Flute 4

Gemshorn 4

Fifteenth 2

Piccolo 2

Mixture III

Mixture II

Trumpet 8

Oboe 8

Clarion 4

Cornopean 8

Swell to Great 16


Swell to Great 8

Sub Octave

Swell to Great 4

Super Octave


Open Diapason 16

Bourdon 16

Bass Flute 8

Trombone 16

Tromba 8

Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal

Published by Alan Mathew

Church Musician, Organist, Choir Leader

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